Schlüsseldienst München

Seit über 25 Jahren nicht nur als Schlüsselnotdienst engagiert

Wenn man an einen Schlüsseldienst denkt, fällt einem zuerst der Schlüsselnotdienst ein: Die freundlichen Herren, die hoffentlich schnell vor Ort sind und uns helfen, wenn wir vor unserer eigenen Tür stehen ohne hineinzukommen. Sie kommen mit vielen Koffern und benutzen allerlei Gerät, mit dem sie wie die Panzerknacker jedes Schloss überwinden können. Das kann die Haustüröffnung sein, die Wohnungstüröffnung, die Terrassentüröffnung, die Kellertüröffnung, aber auch die Waffenschranköffnung, die Tresoröffnung oder die Autoöffnung. Dabei kann eine kompetente Firma für Sicherheitstechnik noch so viel mehr, als Schlösser zu öffnen.

Locks, locking systems, burglars and the commitment to the security of customers all over Munich and in the vicinity – for Locksmith Munich not just a daily livelihood, but a vocation with heart and passion

Especially in times when the black sheep in the locksmith industry are repeatedly causing critical media reports, Schlüsseldienst wants Munichprove that there are also fair, transparent, highly qualified service providers who deliver the best work at the best prices. You can tell from the friendly staff when you watch them during their operations. Always friendly, always fast, every customer is convinced of the skilled work method, of the careful handling of their property: “We always open a closed door without a trace, completely damage-free. But every other lock is also cracked in such a way that as little damage as possible occurs. Nobody should have to pay for repair work after a lock has been opened, which is not necessary if the work is done correctly. „

Only high-quality products are used that will put off every burglar’s heart. Despite the low prices, a must for Schlüsseldienst München : “We would earn more with imported goods, for sure. But we only use products from Switzerland and Germany that ensure the highest level of safety. ”Last but not least, quality products are also more durable than cheap goods.

When the unlocking service has to come, the people of Munich are usually in a hurry – it’s good to have a reputable locksmith nearby who can be there quickly

When the door has slammed, the key broken or lost, you usually want to get back to your room quickly. Often these inconveniences happen anyway when you are in a hurry. You slam the door, but unfortunately the key is still in the apartment. Perhaps there are even small children in the apartment – in any case, quick help is almost always needed and an unlocking service is needed. But anyone who has looked around for a locksmith on the Internet or in the business directory would think that they are a dime a dozen.

But, are the countless locksmiths on offer really always about unlocking services? On closer inspection, most of the advertisements and offers turn out not to be key services, but rather call centers and switching agencies. They will not even open locks themselves, but only mediate, throughout Germany. A fitter who does not come from the area cannot be on site quickly, but has to drive a lot of kilometers. Logically, this also drives up the costs of the journey. Last but not least, the agencies do not work on a voluntary basis, but collect impressive commission, which is later also reflected on the bill. It doesn’t have to be.

Locksmith Munich is always close by. Quick help is guaranteed. When you call the emergency number, you speak directly to the specialist. There are no call centers or placement agencies in between.

Locksmith Munich offers security against nasty surprises through excessive costs with its fixed price guarantee – an extremely low fixed price, all inclusive – no additional costs, not even travel costs

Price transparency is particularly important to the company in order to distinguish itself from the many dubious unlock services. All prices are always publicly visible here and are also mentioned directly when you call.

The special thing about it : The prices are fixed, which is not the rule in the industry. This fixed price includes all costs. There are no further items added later on the invoice, no travel costs, no flat-rate employee fees, VAT, extra material costs or anything else. All these items are already included in the low fixed price. The fixed price guarantee applies not only to the 24-hour key emergency service, but to all of the company’s services.

Lock replacement, security cylinder replacement, letterbox systems, locking systems, burglar damage removal, repairs and burglar protection including burglar protection advice – in Munich inexpensive and safely protected from unauthorized persons and burglars

A lock change is done quickly, is inexpensive and, through correct execution, already offers effective protection against unauthorized persons and burglars, including pulling protection and drilling protection and locking security. Insurance companies also keep an eye on the fact that, in the event of a claim, outdated locks were in use and in this case often do not pay out the agreed amount of damage. A good reason not to put off cylinder replacement and not to wait until the key hooks when closing and eventually breaks off.

Munich is one of the safest cities in Germany worldwide. This is due to the fact that the people of Munich take very down-to-earth provisions, protect themselves and leave little to chance. This of course also includes making sure that burglars do not have an easy time of it, neither in the operating rooms nor in the private home.

Locksmith Munich ensures that the protection of the family and the company does not fail because of the wallet . Burglary protection advice can be used here free of charge and the desired security measures can also be taken quickly and cheaply. Customers appreciate the fact that they are not supposed to be sold high-priced equipment for this purpose, but are always looked at, and windows and doors are secured with inexpensive but extremely effective measures in such a way that every burglar grabs his teeth.

It has probably happened to all of us: Time is of the essence, we are in a hurry, we are much too late again, we close the door, want to lock, but – we remember it boiling hot – the key is still in the apartment. Now we don’t have a problem – has it been lost, maybe even stolen? Something like that, similar situations take place every day: You stand in front of your apartment or in front of your business premises and you have no access. Quick help is usually needed now, especially if there are still small children in the apartment, the food is on the stove or the irritated dog barks the whole neighborhood together.

If you don’t have a spare key ready in a hurry, you need a key emergency service immediately . Unfortunately, most people have not taken precautions for the case by storing the number of a perfect locksmith nearby or having it ready as a slip in their wallet.

And now it’s getting critical

It is common knowledge that this emergency situation is regrettably exploited by many black sheep in the locksmith industry to fraudulently take advantage of. All sorts of tricks are used, which are sometimes still in the gray area, but often even fall under usury and willful fraud. For fear of getting into one of these „dubious companies“, some contemporaries would rather break open their doors by force than order a locksmith. But that is counterproductive: A serious, fair locksmith that also works competently and cheaply is cheaper than repairing damage you caused yourself.

Locksmith Munich

It is important to educate about the bad tricks of dubious unlock services

It is not just that the dishonest machinations of these black sheep damage customers. The locksmiths, who provide honest and appropriate service at fair, transparent prices, also suffer from this behavior. The ongoing negative media coverage is damaging the reputation of the entire industry and damaging everyone’s business. „On the other hand, clarification helps,“ says the managing director of the locksmith Kolb in Munich . „The more people know about the tricks, the fewer customers fall for it, and if the fraudsters can no longer make a profit, the ‚business model‘ will do for them.“

The search for the right locksmith in Munich and in the vicinity via telephone exchange, internet or business directory – what pitfalls are to be expected?

Anyone looking for a key emergency service through the telephone exchange cannot assume that they will find the perfect provider. The same data is passed on in the exchanges as can be found in telephone number lists or business directories. There is of course no research here to find out which locksmith is nearby, which works cheaply and seriously.

If you search the Internet on your mobile phone , you will come across an almost infinite number of key emergency services, which often also state that they are located nearby and can therefore be there quickly. If you take a closer look, however, most of the offers are from call centers and placement agencies that mediate across Germany. The disadvantage is obvious: the fitters are not in the vicinity, there are unnecessary waiting times and unnecessary travel costs. In addition, there is the agency commission, which also drives the bill up. This can generate substantial sums of money.

If you come across a particularly cheap locksmith that offers seemingly utopian offers, you should better listen to your gut instinct and not allow yourself to be seduced. Offers that are so cheap that they would no longer be economically viable for the offeror are so-called „lure offers“ . The supposed bargain is not a fixed price, as you would expect, but you can expect many other items on your later invoice, such as travel costs, VAT, flat-rate employee fees, hourly rates, material costs and other ingenuity. The lack of transparency quickly turns the „bargain“ into an overpriced bill.


If you want to order a locksmith, you should ask about the expected price when you call. It is also important to ask whether the price mentioned is a real fixed price or whether additional costs are added. Can’t give a specific answer here – better distance yourself. Key service prices are usually based on the time of day and whether it is a working day, the weekend or a public holiday. The costs for an emergency lock opening at night are higher than during the day. Other additional items that add up can be travel expenses, mileage allowance, for example.

A real fixed price includes all expected costs. With transparent pricing, all prices are publicly visible and are also specifically mentioned on the phone. All items are included in the fixed price.

A skilled locksmith can use a special tool to open a lock on a closed door without any damage

Experienced skilled workers from a security technology company use high-quality tools to open a locked door quickly and carefully so that no damage occurs. But even with a broken key, for example, work is carried out so carefully that as little damage as possible is incurred and as few costs as possible are incurred. Unnecessary repairs are not necessary here.

Unfortunately, it happens again and again that, for example, cylinders are destroyed when the doors are only closed, because this can drive up the price for the service and material costs.

Anyone who is present during service work by a locksmith can quickly see where the professional is at work with cases full of high-quality tools and where this is not the case.

At a glance

  • In an emergency, don’t panic and rush to order the first locksmith you come across, but act calmly and prudently.
  • Check key service offers on the Internet or the business directory to see whether it is actually a locksmith in the vicinity or whether a placement agency or a call center is behind it.
  • Bei utopischen Lockangeboten, die offensichtlich nicht wirtschaftlich sein können, davon ausgehen, dass hier nichts verschenkt wird, sondern nur angelockt werden soll.
  • Telefonvermittlungen nehmen mir die Recherchearbeit nicht ab, hier bekomme ich nur die Telefonliste angesagt, die auch im Internet und Branchenverzeichnis vorhanden ist – ohne Garantie von regionaler Nähe eines Schlüsseldienstes oder der Seriosität der Firma
  • Schon beim Telefonanruf den Endpreis erfragen und nachfragen, ob der genannte Preis ein realer Festpreis ist.
  • Bei der Schlossöffnung möglichst anwesend sein.

TIPP: Für den Notfall vorsorgen und die Nummer des perfekten Schlüsseldienst im Handy abspeichern oder im Portemonnaie als Zettel verwahren, kann Geld und Nerven schonen.


Mit diesen Tipps gewappnet, sollte es ein Einfaches sein, die Spreu vom Weizen zu trennen und nicht auf unlautere Machenschaften und Preiswucher hereinzufallen. Lassen wir lieber die Handwerker für uns arbeiten, die mit Herz und Liebe zum Beruf kompetent, seriös zu fairen und vernünftigen Preisen für uns da sind.

Schlüsseldienst München ist seit einem Viertel Jahrhundert kompetent, schnell und günstig mit Festpreisgarantie in ganz München und im Umkreis aktiv für Sie.

Lock emergency openings of all kinds, as well as car openings or safe openings, 24-hour unlocking service, also on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays – burglary damage removal, burglary protection, lock changes, locking systems and repairs – cheap, fast, appropriate at a fixed price, all inclusive.